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The molecular structure of benzocaine - PPEC LTD Benzocaine is the ethyl ester of p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA). It can be prepared from PABA and ethanol by Fischer esterification or via the reduction of ethyl p-nitrobenzoate. Benzocaine is sparingly soluble in water, it is more soluble in dilute acids and very soluble in ethanol, chloroform and ethyl ether. The melting point of benzocaine is 88-90 °C, and the boiling point is about 310 °C. The density of benzocaine is 1.17 g/cm3.



At PPEC LTD we do not sell to customers we know, believe or suspect to be involved in illegal activity, including but not limited to illegal drug supply, illegal drug manufacture, the cutting or mixing of products containing illegal drugs and/or money laundering. We do not sell any product for use as a medicine or health product as regulated by the MHRA and/or EMA or a food product as regulated by the FSA. PPEC LTD products are not for human or animal consumption. We reserve the right to refuse to sell any product to any customer if we are not satisfied as to the lawfulness of the product’s end use. PPEC LTD offers no warranty regarding the fitness of any product for a particular purpose and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising therefrom. PPEC LTD keeps detailed records of every sale and those records will be retained for inspection.

PPEC only use reputable courier services when transporting chemialsAt PPEC Ltd we ensure that we only use the most reputable courier services to transport your Benzocaine from our factory to your destination. Through doing this we can ensure that all Benzocaine being transported is treated with the upmost care and consideration and your Benzocaine will reach your door in the same quality and within a specific time period that it has left our factory in.

PPEC Chemicals are supplied by highly reputable companys that produce the highest quality chemicals PPEC Ltd will only use suppliers that undergo a regular internal audit and a 12 month (minimum) external audit. This helps us to ensure that all benzocaine is produced in a manner that corresponds within all relevant laws and regulations. We work closely with our Benzocaine supplier to ensure that PPEC Ltd is able to maintain a constant stockholding of Benzocaine so that we can process and dispatch your orders as swiftly as possible.

PPEC LTD are currently working towards achieving licenses with the MHRA
PPEC Ltd has taken advice from the relevant authorities and governing bodies to ensure that they are working to the highest possible standards with their Benzocaine. Ensuring that we meet all that is required of ourselves and more with the supply of Benzocaine. We are working towards achieving licenses with the MHRA so they can approve our Benzocaine for medical purposes. Unfortunately until we receive this license we cannot supply Benzocaine for medicinal use, until then there are many other uses that our Benzocaine can be used for.

PPEC Ltd receives Benzocaine in 25kg barrels, any orders of 25kg shall be dispatched directly to the customer. Any orders smaller than this shall be repackaged accordingly. These barrels help make deliveries more manageable, and storage becomes less of an issue than larger containers of benzocaine. Our barrels are specifically designed and sanitised for the transportation of chemicals making them exceptional for transporting Benzocaine. Your barrels of benzocaine come with a tamper proof seal, to give you peace of mind that your Benzocaine has not been tampered with and you receive your benzocaine in the pure form that it left our factory.