Who We Are

99.9% Pure

Our Benzocaine product is 99.9% pure and is available in powder form. Our Benzocaine product is white in colour and odourless.


Benzocaine products and on time delivery service, Order before 2 Pm same day delivery & after 2Pm next day delivery.

Who We Are

PPEC is a fairly young UK based company that trades in food grade products, industrial chemicals and sports nutrition and tablet presses and mixers.

The company has a team of highly experienced staff members that offer a vast array of skills and knowledge in the area of sales, product distribution and customer service.

Our products are all sourced from ISO 9000 high quality reputable companies. Our products are not drop shipped but are held in our 4 acre site based here in the UK.

"I have been a company director all my adult life. Having worked in different industries includes manufacturing to retail, Fashion, cosmetics and even entertainment it gives me a unique perspective to judge people taste with products. I know each step is important right from product quality till quality packaging. I believe that PPEC has a healthy moral with ethical approach to business. Our values help us to create a decent work environment for all staff and suppliers. With the right team around you anything is possible"


Big discounts for bulk buyers includes retailers, wholesalers and distributors.


All Benzocaine products are laboratory tested regularly to ensure consistent quality.

The BuyBenzocaine powder is brought to our complex in large 25kg barrels and is repackaged into smaller user friendly packaging, We aim to keep benzocaine powder in stock at all times in all sizes.

PPEC sells a wide variety of products however our website is solely aimed at the sale of online Benzocaine powder. We are always looking for distributers and wholesalers in the UK and abroad, to expand our family.

We endeavour for 100% customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on providing premium quality Benzocaine products and on time delivery service.

To ensure quality and reliability of our benzocaine powder, goods are tracked from supplier to wholesaler and even final customer through traceability and stock control. All our products are sold within MHRA guidelines.